The Shipyard

Ta-Shing is considered one of the most famous ship yards in Taiwan. Among insiders it is considered the leading ship yard in the country - in terms of quality, engineering, and production capacity. To date, sailing yachts have been built there for 48 years. The wharf's boat builders have many years of experience and are specialists in wood paneling processing in GRP constructions. The favorable Taiwanese climate and production in climate-adjusted halls promotes GRP processing durability.

Modern Taswell series cruising yachts are built in lengths of 43' to 72' feet. They especially match European tastes. To ensure this, the head of the wharf, Arthur Lin, commissioned the world-wide renowned builder, Bill Dixon, to work on development. The Tashiba and Mason series in 31' to 123' foot sizes are also well-known. The yachts are fully tested in the test basis prior to customer delivery. Newly constructed yachts are subjected to detailed test sails off the American West Coast and the Southern British Coast.