The yacht tester, Georg Jung, on the Taswell 58 TC

I have already sailed and driven many yachts. This Taswell 58 TC is a truly complete cruising yacht with excellent performance drawn by Bill Dixon, a renowned builder.

The sailing characteristics are excellent, both in rough seas with short waves, as well as when quartering or with long waves. The yacht dips in softly and is always commanding. There is not a moment of insecurity or apprehension. An experienced skipper can sail it even with one hand, also because of the working cockpit located in the aft and its good technical equipment. For a small crew, the effort is refreshing.

The yacht’s equipment and inventory capacity allow for an a carefree, longer cruise at sea, without having to limit comfort. At most, one misses going ashore.

The yacht has a good engine and its Yanmar with its 2600 UMP can achieve a speed of 9.2 knots even when at travel speed.

While under sail (mainsail and Genoa 2), I had the opportunity, at 20 knots and 65 ° in the wind, of reaching 12 knots without the toe rail hanging in the water. Late shortening was permitted by a generously dimensioned lead ballast in the Scheel keel. The keel is poured into the hull’s shell. The yacht will even survive a hard grounding because in contrast to an under-bolted keel, here nothing can tear off. The rudder is fastened to a short skeg supported in several places. Thus, it is securely and stably protected for long cruises.

The deck plan is ideal for the Mediterranean. The 2 cockpits, the clear separation between seat/mooring cockpit with extendible cockpit table, allows 7 persons to comfortably sit. The adjacent working cockpit (this is where all threads join) with all its winches must be controlled by 1 person given that the headsail sheet winches take over all the force that is applied. Even the mainsail can be easily set over these windlasses. The helmsman can concentrate on the sumptuous navigation systems, the bilaterally arranged reef system, and the anchorage which can be activated from the control console, or he can switch on the auto-pilot.

Fairly unique for is the hydraulically operating retractable gangway with a delivery of up to 3.50m and a bogie-life for the dinghy whereby the davits which are also operate hydraulically and are retractable provide a secure hold for the dinghy’s receiving fixture. Through this construction, the heck keeps its elegant form because the typical Kraken marks, which are otherwise visible on the davits, are not visible.

The interior is designed by Andrew Winch, the experienced architect, with a simultaneously congruent layout resulting in an agreeable and generous spatial design ... The yacht has an exceptionally good ambience. The composition of the materials, teakwood furniture, and leather upholstery, together with the wall and ceiling cladding made from Alcantara, is very elegant and conveys a timeless, modern style of living.

All cabins are tastefully and sufficiently furnished and equipped and have their own toilets.

The pantry is generously and fully equipped. When necessary, it makes it possible for 2 cooks to work at the same time.

On the map table all navigation devices are thoughtfully placed. This leaves the writing table plate free for navigation charts, with room left for a notebook.

In Sum