Personal Impressions
by Thomas Schindler – Fellow Sailor on the "Tai Pan of Jersey" since 1999

For ten years now, and once or twice yearly for two weeks each time, I have cruised on the Tai Pan. I have been a sailing enthusiast for thirty years now and I have traveled on different yachts in many different regions but the Tai Pan was a completely new experience which stood all on its own and has remained that way to this day.

After several years of exploring the Balearic Islands, I experienced as part of a three-man crew the weather-beaten seas from Mallorca past Menorca to Sardinia. Several tours along the Dalmatian-Croatian coast and through the island-world in that area will always remain special memories.

Tai Pan's sailing characteristics are incomparable: A quiet, even majestic and elegant glide through any kind of sea – even in rough waters with wind forces above 8, this heavy and yet extremely fast ship exudes confidence. There was hardly a yacht that wasn't passed by; our experienced crew often needed only a little patience before the sighted ship was "tossed" over the lee. Envious, but acknowledging, glances and later, when we met again in the harbor, comments of admiration and interested inquiries from the overtaken crew, confirmed our sense that we were sailing not only on a visually sleek yacht but on one that is timelessly elegant.

It will be difficult to find a fitting replacement for future cruises ...